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What is LED Explosion Proof Light
What is LED Explosion Proof Light
announcer:admin Release date:2016-04-11 04-30-46

LED Explosion-proof lamps are mainly used for large area lighting, including large-scale operations, construction site and building facades and other places of large-scale lighting, and construction machinery, facilities and other high vibration places. Therefore, we can almost all outdoor large area lighting as a spotlight.

What is the LED explosion-proof cast light, spotlight, also known as the spotlight, spotlight is specified according to the surface illumination is higher than the surrounding environment of the lamp. Spot light in the lighting can be aimed at any direction, not subject to adverse climatic conditions. LED Explosion-proof projecting lamp irradiation light beam angle is wide and narrow, the range is between 0 ° ~ 180 °, in which the beam is particularly narrow as the searchlight.

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