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LED explosion - proof light distribution with the test articles
LED explosion - proof light distribution with the test articles
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LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED high-end lights, LED floodlights, LED platform lights and other products

1, LED Explosion proof light source analysis articles

2, Explosion-proof LED explosion-proof surface overview articles

3, LED explosion-proof lights power supply specifications to expose articles

4, LED explosion-proof light distribution with the test articles

From different levels, the interpretation of Hengsheng lighting enterprises in R & D, manufacturing, testing and other aspects of an important basis for the document to show the form of reference to the user.

Of course, from the above three aspects is not enough to consider a LED explosion-proof lights, LED explosion-proof platform lights, LED explosion floodlights, LED lights, LED lights, LED high light, LED floodlights, LED platform products Superiority. As we all know, all the lighting products are required to light distribution. Such as explosion-proof flashlight, hand-held explosion-proof light searchlight and other inspection, search products need to focus, and mobile lighting products in the multi-functional work lights, large floodlight work lights, fixed lighting floodlight, You need floodlight. Condenser applications, of course, is the angle of the smaller the better, floodlight applications, it is necessary to angle the greater the better the super wide, but not the same type of LED light angle will be different, so we need to light distribution.

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